Hi! My name is Mark Biegel and I Design & Code
HTML5/Android/iOS Applications

about me

Husband of Mel, Daddy of Jas, Android & iOS App Designer & Developer, Geek, Music Lover.

I am an Australian app developer who loves all things mobile.
I have been working online for 13+ years ranging from front-end web design to backend programming and a little but of server management.
Below you can see some of my work and how I do what I do. Feel free to contact me!

When I am not typing code like a mad man, I am spending time with my wife and boy or endlessly flashing ROM's to my phone...then fixing a bricked device.

Mobile App design for AT&T Port iOS app for QLD Police Android HTML Editor Android App App Design for Social Cookbook

App Design

I will create for you a stunning design for your Android, iOS, phone or tablet app. I have been designing for technology since 2000 and have been designing mobile applications since before the days of the iPhone when the only "smartphone" I owned was a Blackberry Curve and a HP PDA.
You can see some of my work above, but some of the Apps and mobile platforms I have designed for are at&t's mobile survey platform.

App Development

Afer the design comes the code. I can take your design and bring it to life!
I currently program for the Android operating system and also Blackberry. You can see my work in the form of Android HTML Editor app, Southbank Tourisim to name a few.
I am can build your app from start to finish or even port your existing iOS app to Android.

Web Design & Development

I program in Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML(5), CSS(3) and Jquery/Javascript for most needs.
With all the experience over the years I learnt that it doesn't stop at the website and that is why I also run and manage my own Linux servers and therefore have also been building web services that run on an OS level for running tasks that then interact with a web interface.
So if you have a project from as little as a small business website to as large as a social data communication tool to be used by the masses, I'm sure I can help you out.

My Setup

My current design and development setup goes a little something like this:
I use a Toshiba CB30 Chromebook for my daily system for both design and development.
When programming apps I find myself using a Mac Mini and if there is only web programming (Ruby or PHP) to be done its back on to Chrome OS.
For design software I use the Adobe suite or GIMP. For Android apps I prefer to use Android Studio or Eclipse for my stable environments.
For web programming I use Notepad++ and source conrol using git at BitBucket.org

Main Device

Google Nexus 5 with Franco Kernel as my daily driver
Google Nexus 7 (2013) Stock & Rooted
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Cyanogenmod

The Testing Crew

This is also know as my graveyard of phones, but they are also now dedicated testing devices for each platform and resolution. Nexus 4, Iphone 3gs, Iphone 4, HTC Incredible S 2

Contact Me

me [at] markbiegel.com

Need help or advice on your project?

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